6 Must-Have Products For Flying With A Small Child #familytravel

Last weekend, my daughter experienced her first flight. I spent the month leading up to the flight reading up on everything that I could find about traveling by plane with small children. Our airline offers a really good list of all child-related needs - including what is acceptable to bring and what is not - but all of the information that I found from "official" sources would not have prepared me for what our first flight would really be like. I started thinking about what would make ME most comfortable on a flight, and then tailored it to suit my five year old daughter. From cozy blankets to Vitamin C lollipops, take a peek at some of our family travel essentials:

6 Must-Have Products For Flying With Child #familytravel

6 Must-Have Products For Flying With A Small Child

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  • Bubble Bum inflatable booster seat - We used this in the rental car so that we wouldn't have to gate check Danger's large Britax car seat. She doesn't ride in a booster at home, but we opted for this one because it had good ratings and was small enough to fit in a carry-on bag.
  • WetOnes individual packets - These came in handy for cleaning hands often. I've read that people actually change diapers on the seat tray and the planes are not scrubbed clean in between flights (as evidenced by the crushed crackers all over my husband's seat on our return flight. Ick!)
  • New iPad apps - I downloaded two Disney apps - Doc McStuffins Paint and Play / FROZEN - as well as the Hooked On Phonics app for extra reading practice. My daughter had more than enough digital content to keep her entertained during our flight.
  • YummyEarth Organic Lollipops With Vitamin C - After hearing all the sneezes of our flight mates, I'm sure that having the added Vitamin C really came in handy. These lollipops taste so good, too! The Wet-Face Watermelon flavor is my favorite.
  • Skittles - Friends suggested bringing a pack of gum for the kids to chew, but I didn't want to go that route. Danger loses interest in gum very quickly, and I just didn't want to have to think about where to put that ball of saliva during our flight. Skittles came to our rescue. We all chewed on Skittles during takeoff and descent, and our ears stayed comfy.
  • aden + anais Swaddles - These lightweight blankets are the perfect multi-purpose blanket. They are substantial enough to provide warmth and airy enough to keep us comfortable. You never know if your plane will run hot or cold, so having one of these lightweight beauties within reach can help to provide the right temperature control.

What are your family travel essentials?