Where Babies Come From

Last Friday, I decided that my child was old enough to see just where exactly babies come from...Β So we loaded up the car, and off we went to Cleveland, Georgia to visit the brand new Babyland General Hospital.

The building was incredible (not to mention the views surrounding it!) I especially enjoyed walking through the nurseries. There were sound effects of babies cooing and crying to simulate the noises the numerous babies in the cribs would have been making, had they been real. There was even a rocker in the nursery so that you could sit and rock with one of the dolls. Babyland General was full of the little details that make a regular retail shop magical.

After wandering around for a few minutes, we heard an announcement: Mother Cabbage was in labor! We hurried off to the main area to watch the birth of a new Cabbage Patch baby. It was a little boy, which the audience named Lucas Rider. He was adorable, of course!

Little Danger was most excited to sit at an activity table and play with the construction set of felts. I think that maybe she was still a little young to fully appreciate the celebration of life that surrounded us at Babyland General. Needless to say, we will be returning one day when she is a bit older.

Before we left, we had to pick out a new baby for Danger to "adopt." This took quite some time. We first looked at the Surprise Newborns, but could not decide whether we would be happy with being surprised or not. :) There was also a selection of 25th Anniversary Kids, which we thought were all so adorable, but Danger really prefers the babies. I thought it would be special for Danger to adopt a Chinese baby, as her aunt "PP" was adopted from China, and Danger truly is a huge fan of her auntie. We finally found a baby to adopt and headed out the door.

I am now the proud grandmother of TingTing, Danger's newest baby girl. She wants to carry TingTing with her everywhere, so we had to put the doll into the "Try Me" mode, as the sounds can be quite annoying. It really is very sensitive to touch and movement, but is so cute that we can forgive it for being so noisy... Kind of like a certain 21-month-old girl that I know...

Did you have Cabbage Patch Kids when you were younger? I had a lot, and actually have four at my house to add to Danger's collection. Do you plan on "adopting" a Cabbage Patch kid for your child this year? You can buy these dolls at big chain stores (Walmart, Toys R Us, etc.) or online at Amazon. I do not recommend trying to buy one on Black Friday. I was present at a Black Friday sale a couple years ago where women were beating each other up over these adorable dolls. Yeah...

I'm still adding things to my holiday gift guide, but it should be up and running at some point this week. If there are any particular toys or gifts that you would like to see included on the list, please let me know! Have an awesome Monday!