Tuesday Favorites: A List Of Top 5 Places To Visit With Children In Atlanta

So many people have asked me what my favorite family-friendly Atlanta attractions are (as if being an Atlanta-area mom blogger makes me some kind of expert or something!) and I always default to the same 5 places. We enjoy exploring the city and surrounding areas - especially places off the beaten path with a little 'quirk' or charm - but I just keep coming back to these same places. So without further ado, here are my top 5 choices for family-friendly fun! 

Top 5 Places To Visit With Children In Atlanta 

  1. Fernbank Museum of Natural History - I'm a sucker for a good museum. I've always enjoyed walking the corridors of this fabulous museum, reading every single placard along the way. I hope that my reading and sharing helps my daughter to pick up a little information during our visits, but even if she forgets everything as soon as we hit the parking lot, I know she's having fun making memories with me. And that's enough. 
  2. Atlanta Botanical Garden - Flowers are pretty, ok? And the views of the city just beyond the exterior wall are just amazing. I could spend every weekend here and never get bored. It's the most beautiful place in all of Atlanta, in my opinion. Visit during Garden Lights, Holiday Nights for an incredible winter light display and during the Orchid Festival to see a variety of gorgeous blooms. 
  3. Stone Mountain Park - History meets modern day adventuring in this little (big) monument. Danger really gets a kick out of taking the skyride up to the top of the mountain and looking down at the world below. When she was just a babe, Dre would wear her in our Kelty backpack and we would HIKE UP THE MOUNTAIN. That man is strong. And handsome. Stone Mountain Park is a great weekend visit all year long, but make sure to visit during one of the seasonal festivals to keep the attraction fresh. Try the Pumpkin Festival and Snow Mountain - two of my favorites! 
  4. Georgia Aquarium - I could spend an entire day just sitting in the little bubble-like alcove near the piranhas. The Georgia Aquarium is home to so many beautiful and interesting critters. Go behind the scenes for an even wilder educational experience. (Oh, and visit on weekday afternoons for smaller crowd levels. You're welcome.) 
  5. Historic Fourth Ward Park - The playground and splash pad are SO MUCH FUN for little ones, and even better? It's all free to enjoy. I suggest picking up some lotta frutta for a perfect picnic lunch. 

What are your favorite family-friendly Atlanta attractions to visit?