But That's Not Why We Homeschool!

"There are some great Christian schools in the area!"  

"Oh, so what are your thoughts on the Common Core?" 

"How do you find time to do real work?" 

"Why aren't you in school?" (said directly to my daughter) 

I get it. Sending a child to "school" with all of the other children in a community is as normal as putting butter on EVERYthing here in the South. It's what is expected. To stray from the public school model in any direction - private school, Christian school, charter schools - is just weird. We make assumptions about the family's religious or economic situation (i.e. rich people send their kids to private school, very religious people send their kids to Christian schools, etc.) I'm not saying that it is right, as there are certainly exceptions to every rule, but you can make a fairly accurate assumption more times than not. 

The reasons that we have chosen to homeschool our child are not the reasons that society has us pegged for, as indicated by the comments that we've received from family, friends and strangers. 

We are not: 

  • Religious fanatics (Seriously, guys?!) 
  • Common Core haters 
  • Terrified of the government brainwashing our child  

We are: 

  • Taking on the responsibility of our child's upbringing 
  • Concerned with our daughter's quality of education 
  • Doing what we believe is best for our child 

...just like many other homeschool families! So when people make assumptions or accusations, it makes me flinch. I try to brush off the sometimes insensitive comments that people make because the comments really don't speak to my family's reality. That said, I am still a bit bothered by the fact that people in America truly regard homeschool families as religious crazies or closet anarchists that are out to raise antisocial (but brilliant!) robots. 

I think most people just try to do what they think is best for their families, and for many people, sending their kids away to school is just what works best for their family situation. But that's not what works best for my family. That's ok. We don't all have to share the same beliefs or read the same websites. We just have to love our children. 

You can ask questions. I am happy to discuss our homeschooling, along with the many trial-and-errors that have led to where we are at. 

And yes. I homeschool my child. Yes, it is a great deal of work, but it's also very rewarding. Please don't judge me for my decisions. I promise, I'm not judging you for yours. 



p.s. I like you.