My "Friends" Live On The Internet #StreamTeam

Ok, so we all know what happens during the holidays. We spend a lot of time eating, drinking, and merrymaking with our friends. I'm good with that. My friends are the best! 

But I also have another group of "friends." When Danger and Dre go to sleep, I have the whole entire quiet house to myself to watch some of my favorite friends on Netflix. Sure, I could be cleaning or organizing, but a little bit of ME time is perfectly acceptable, especially during the holidays. 

Check out some of the current titles that I'm streaming on Netflix. Prepare to binge in 3, 2, .... 

The League - I'd like to think that I'm a little more civilized than these characters, but who am I kidding?! This show is perfect for people that like sports, beer, and hilarious adult humor. (And if you like all of those, we can totally be best friends.) 

Gilmore Girls - Nothing says 'fall' quite like pumpkin spice everything, riding boots, and the unshakeable bond between mother/daughter dynamic duo Lorelei and Rori Gilmore. I am SO happy to see this show offered by Netflix! 

Breaking Bad - Walter and Jesse and Hank, oh my! The oft-complicated interactions between these characters always leave me on the edge of my seat (and with a serious craving for blue rock candy.) Breaking Bad is really good! 

The Following - I know. But serial killers can have friendships, too. Even warped ones with cult-like devotion. Which reminds me...  

Dexter - I love that this series is available on Netflix because I can binge-watch whenever I can. Dexter Morgan is kind of like a superhero (maybe??) Fun fact: If our little girl was a boy, we would have named her Dexter Danger. Don't judge. Or do. I don't care. 

Disney's The Pirate Fairy - I adore pretty much every Disney movie ever made, so when I saw The Pirate Fairy show up on my Netflix suggestions, I got pretty excited. This movie is great to watch with children because there are so many teachable moments about friendship. 

And perhaps the BEST show about friends of all time? Friends! - Coming to Netflix in January, so get ready! 

What are you streaming this month? 

As a member of the Netflix Stream Team, I have received compensation for sharing content with you on this site. All opinions come from my personal experiences with Netflix from the past 8 years (and counting!)