Treat Your Superhero Fan To Marvel Universe LIVE! - In Atlanta For A Limited Time Only

Marvel Universe LIVE! is in Atlanta from December 26-28 at The Arena at Gwinnett Center. Catch all of your favorite Marvel heroes - from Spider Man to Hulk to Black Widow and more! - while they are in Atlanta. 

My daughter and I attended a weekend performance of Marvel Universe LIVE! at Philips Arena, and it was much different than I was expecting. When we attend family-themed arena shows, we usually take in a lot of singing and dancing. This performance was catered more toward true comic book fans. The stage lighting and graphics, props, and live stunts were fantastic representations of the typical comic book genre. 


Danger really enjoyed watching the story unfold. I don't want to give away any spoilers or plot points, but there were bad guys, heroes, and a lot of wild suspense! There are many "pops" of light and sound from the flare guns onstage throughout the performance, controlled explosions, and the strobe lighting does sweep over the crowd quite a bit. While neither bothered my daughter, it is worth mentioning for the more timid child. 

Marvel Universe LIVE! in Atlanta. Review by Atlanta mom blogger: Classic Mommy. 

To make the most of this experience, make sure to: 

  • Plan a snack budget and stick with it. You can pick up a bag of cotton candy with a superhero mask for about $15, for reference. 
  • Children like to dress up for these shows. I saw several adorable Captain America, Wolverine, and Spider Man fans at the Sunday show. 
  • Try to pick seats in the lower part of the auditorium to see the action in better detail. It's also a good idea to sit off-center, as some of the cages and props can block the graphics on stage. 
  • Prep your child for loud, unexpected noises and controlled fire. Someone walks around ON FIRE for a little bit, and it can be a little concerning (even for mama). 
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Which Marvel superhero is your favorite? 

I received complimentary passes to Marvel Universe LIVE! to write a review article for the Atlanta Classic Mommy blog readers. All opinions shared in this article come from my experiences at the event.