How To Host A Disney Kids Preschool Playdate For Your Little Princess

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." That's one of my favorite Walt Disney quotes, because it truly inspires me to keep chasing my dreams. Well, I am happy to tell you that I've finally accomplished one of them: I've converted my husband to a Disney Parks fan. Ok, ok... I didn't have to do much, besides getting him to visit the Walt Disney World Resort. The pixie dust took over from there. 

I have been fortunate to host two Disney Side @Home Celebrations this year. The first one was back in February. You can read more about the crafts, activities, food, decorations, and more here. 

Our latest party was my favorite, though. We hosted a Disney Kids Preschool Playdate, featuring Princess Sofia the First. Guests were invited to dress in their royal best for an afternoon tea party. 

Would you like to host your own Princess Sofia party? Check out these fun craft, snack, and activity ideas for inspiration! 


  • Make straw banner puppets! These character cutouts are actually adorable little decorations for straws, but we turned them into stick puppets and put on a show. It's so much fun to watch creativity come alive through puppets! 
  • Fold Disney Junior-branded Fortune Tellers! I remember making these as a child - well, asking other people to make them for me because I could never figure them out. These are so fun and colorful, and the end result is one of four favorite Disney Junior friends! 
  • Coloring sheets, also from, are a great way to entertain children without a lot of effort. 


  • Sofia's Magical Amulet Berry Frozen Yogurt Pops from This simple recipe makes a beautiful and healthy treat for young girls to enjoy. 
  • Honest Kids juices are tasty, colorful, and healthy sips. My daughter doesn't appreciate the flavor of tea yet, so these juice blends were the perfect choice for our playdate group. 
  • Pre-packaged goodies are available at many grocery stores nationwide. Some of our favorites are the Disney Foodles snack packs with fruits in snackable portions, CLIF KID chocolate chip protein bars (so yummy!), and Cheezy Crips from Crunchmaster. 


  • Build Kinetic Sand castles with Disney Princess dolls. 
  • Play a quick game of Disney Parks Bingo. We used sparkly pom poms as bingo markers, as they are just the right size for the squares (plus, sparkles!) 

All of our guests also received small treat bags that included stickers, bracelets, an extra tiara, bubbles, and more. 

We celebrated the beauty and joy that little girls bring into our lives - with a splash of Disney magic - at our Disney Preschool Playdate. The Disney Side page offers tons of ideas for all kinds of parties, so make sure to click on over for your party planning needs. 

I received complimentary items to share with my guests during our Disney Preschool Playdate. All opinions shared in this post come from my personal experience. Thanks for stopping by!