Birthdays. We All Have Them (And Today Is Mine!) #HappyHabit21

Birthdays. We all have 'em. 

I am celebrating my 29th birthday today! Hooray! Danger told me that she hopes that I stay 29 forever, and I am more than willing to try. Age IS just an attitude, right? 


A couple weeks ago, Danger turned S I X years old. Can you believe it? Many of you have been following along with the Classic Mommy blog and Instagram since she was a baby, and I know it must be strange to see her as a big kid now. I think it's strange to see how much she has grown over the past month. 

Danger asked for a YouTube Channel for her birthday. We are working on getting that set up for her, and in the meantime, she is brainstorming ideas for videos. She wants to review things. It's cute to see her little entrepreneurial spirit develop. 

Me, on the other hand... 


I'm getting Danger a new carseat for MY birthday. A bigger, better booster with a five-point harness. Those things aren't particularly cheap, you know? And really, it's what I actually want for my birthday. I'm not really into shoes or purses or jewelry, so a new carseat sounds just riiiight. 

Birthdays are an excellent excuse to binge on cupcakes, wine and online shopping -- ok, at least mine is. We keep things pretty low-key in this family. 

Birthdays are my absolute favorite days to celebrate with my family and friends, because each birthday celebrates just one special person. Even helping just one person to feel extra-special can really do a lot to improve their mood (and mine, too!) 

So let's talk birthdays. Do you have a favorite birthday tradition? 

Join me for 21 Days Of Happy on the Classic Mommy blog! | Atlanta Mom Blogger

Join me for 21 Days Of Happy on the Classic Mommy blog! | Atlanta Mom Blogger

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