Atlanta Bloggers Discover Their #DisneySide - And You Can, Too!

Bloggers at the 2014 Type-A Parent Conference in Atlanta were treated to a special 'Disney Side Welcome Reception' on behalf of Disney Parks. The sweet mixture of cocktails and Mickey-sprinkled cupcakes brought us all together to mingle and really get to know each other. Of course, the opportunity for us adults to play dress-up with NO KIDS AROUND was pretty fantastic, too. 

Take a peek at some of my favorite Atlanta blogger friends showing off their Disney Side --- and find out how to discover your Disney Side, too! 

This is Turkesha from Naturalbabydol. She writes about fashion, beauty, and social events and really did a wonderful job of displaying that in her elegant princess dress. 

This is Amy from Mom's Magical Miles and her Star Wars-inspired friends. Amy writes about running, motherhood, and Atlanta family fun. She enjoys participating in runDisney races, and has already completed four this year! 

This is Julie from Balancing Mama. She dressed as Tinker Bell, which was actually quite perfect for her personality.  Her photo opp with Darth Maul shows that she knows how to think outside of the box to really make an impact - a much-needed trait in her advertising career. 

This is Lindsey (or is that Mr. Smee?) from Redhead Baby Mama.  I had the pleasure of rooming with her and a couple other Georgia Social Media Moms during the conference and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that we had the BEST time! Lindsey writes about parenting her precious redhead in her spare time of being a costume designer.  

And then there's me. My costume would not fit in the trunk of my car - even disassembled! - so I had to come up with something else very quickly before I left home for the weekend. I disneybounded as Gus from Cinderella because like Gus, I am very helpful and determined... but what I really wanted to wear was this: 

Yep. A Mickey Premium Bar. Sweet, right? 

If you still aren't sure what your Disney Side is, consider the following five questions: 

5 Easy Ways To Discover Your Disney Side 

  1. Think about your hobbies. What do you like to do to wind down or beat boredom? 
  2. What makes you smile? Is it helping others? Designing clothes? Plotting revenge? Do you have a favorite Disney Parks memory or attraction? 
  3. What kind of personality do you have? Are you outgoing or easygoing, adventurous or reserved, etc. 
  4. What appeals to you most: Hero, villain, princess, sidekick, or something else entirely? 
  5. What does your style say about you? Do you tend to go for bold colors, sleek styles, pink and sparkly, or no pants? 

What do you do to show your Disney Side at home? 

Special thanks to all of the awesome Atlanta bloggers that offered to share their pictures for this recap. Visit their blogs!  If you're interested in hosting a Disney Side party, check out my post from earlier this year. :)