No Regrets, No Excuses: How One Big Drop Changed My Outlook

My husband and I just returned from a quick romantic getaway to the Walt Disney World Resort. It had been YEARS since my last real water park experience, and I really wanted to experience the Disney water parks with my husband by my side. 

On Sunday, we visited Disney's Blizzard Beach water park, home of the 120-foot high Summit Plummet, a fun twist on a major ski slope that is best accessed by the chairlift and then stairs. Lots and lots of stairs.  

Up until our arrival at the park, I had planned on spending the day on the mild-but-wild attractions, like, oh, the Lazy River and the Wave Pool. Those attractions are really more my speed than the thrill slides. But something happened while we were waiting for the park to open. 

I stopped making excuses, and simply lived in the moment. 

My husband and I rushed straight for Summit Plummet, which both surprised and delighted him. He wouldn't have to stand in line alone or feel guilty about me waiting for him at the bottom. As in life, we were in it together. 

The one thing that I asked of him was that he go first.  

After he disappeared over the edge of Summit Plummet, I was ready. I sat down at the top of the slide, crossed my arms and my ankles, and then tried to remember to breathe as I pushed myself over the edge. As I plummeted down the steep drop, two things happened: I took shorter, more frequent breaths, and I fought really hard to keep my eyes open.  

It was simultaneously the best and worst experience of my entire life.  

I did manage to dislocate a rib (it happens to me all too often) but I walked off Summit Plummet feeling almost invincible. I conquered my fear by doing the biggest, scariest thing first, and I was better prepared to enjoy the rest of Disney's Blizzard Beach after that.  

No regrets, no excuses.  

I did not allow myself to make excuses. There were so many reasons why I did not want to experience Summit Plummet - my weak rib being one of them - but I did not want to regret missing out on the opportunity to do something BIG.  

So now, when I think back on our trip, I will always remember that I took the plunge, and I ended up just fine.  

My Disney Side came through for me, as always: I am adventurous. I enjoy discovering new tastes and experiences. And most importantly, I am brave.  

How have you surprised yourself lately?