Creative Galaxy Is Out Of This World FUN For Kids! #AmazonKids

Danger and I are over the moon excited about the new Creative Galaxy episodes on Amazon Prime Instant Video! Creative Galaxy is an interactive art program created with the preschool crowd in mind. The dominant theme in each episode is that many things can be fixed with art, and children can learn to view the world around them through the lens of art. 

Amazon Prime Instant Video's New Preschool Series Creative Galaxy - Review by Atlanta Mom Blogger: Classic Mommy

Main characters Arty and Epiphany travel to different planets throughout the galaxy (like Paintoria, where they learn about painting techniques) to learn new and creative ways to solve problems. Each episode ends with real children creating art projects, to further inspire children to create! 

Danger and I really enjoy watching the show together. The characters are so adorable, and all have nice, melodic voices. We especially adore that the show is set in outer space, while still having a home environment similar to our own to relate with. 

Arty's Idea Box - Creative Galaxy. 

My daughter likes to makes a craft alongside Arty and friends while we watch the show. After watching an episode about trees, Danger became very interested in crafting one of her own. She and I worked together to make a colorful Autumn picture to hang on the fridge. 

Creative Galaxy - inspired Autumn tree handprint craft. 

I try to encourage my daughter's creativity, and even though not every project or painting is right for the fridge or a frame, the fact that she has the artistic freedom to try new things really helps her to let loose and have fun. She uses art as a way to show her feelings (by drawing pictures of things that bother her or make her happy), to plan her day (drawing actions and plans, rather than writing a list), and develop little inventions that she would like to build. She's going from S.T.E.M. to S.T.E.A.M., and I am very proud of her development! 

I love that programs like Creative Galaxy inspire children to think creatively to solve problems. We've only just begun to delve deeper into child-friendly art projects, but I'm very excited to see what Danger comes up with next. 

To make our creative projects easier and even more fun, I pulled together some fun crafting supplies similar to the ones used on Creative Galaxy. Now Danger has an "idea box" like Arty's to store her crafting materials. 

Creative Galaxy Idea Box! Craft idea and image created by Atlanta Mom Blogger: Classic Mommy 

Want to create your own Idea Box?

Here are some items you might want to include: 

  • Pom poms 
  • Glue (stick and tube) 
  • Bleeding art tissue paper 
  • Thick painting paper 
  •  Washable paint pots 
  • Crayons 
  • Watercolor painting crayons 
  • Markers 
  • Scissors 
  • Stickers 
  • And just for fun -- sequins, adhesive rhinestone pieces, and glitter! (We pretty much always have a speck of glitter on our cheeks, but it's totally worth it!) 

What would you include in your Idea Box? 

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