Looking Good And Feeling Better In Nashville, TN! #LGFB25

My mom and I recently took a road trip up to Nashville, TN for the SURVIVORVILLE Convention and expo. The purpose of SURVIVORVILLE, also known as the National Women's Survivors Convention, is to bring together cancer survivors and co-survivors to teach and inspire each person through a series of seminars and festive events. My mother, a fairly recent cancer survivor, was able to receive a makeover from the fabulous folks at Look Good Feel Better. Now in it's 25th year, the Look Good Feel Better organization has helped thousands of cancer warriors to look and feel their very best. It was such a treat to see my mother's transformation - but even better to see her beautiful smile once again!

Look Good Feel Better Makeover

Beautiful, right?

We are both beyond thankful that organizations like Look Good Feel Better exist, as well as the entire SURVIVORVILLE event. I encourage each of you to help spread the word about the Look Good Feel Better program. I fully believe that these organizations are doing wonderful things to help uplift those of us that have been touched by cancer.

If you'd like more information about Look Good Feel Better, please visit the website, follow on Twitter, and read my earlier post outlining the program.