How Will You Celebrate National Mom's Nite Out (May 8th?)

Every spring, women all across the country celebrate Mom's Nite Out. It's a celebration of mom being able to free herself from responsibility and simply rediscover the things that make her happy. You see, becoming a parent changes you. Manicures and perfectly sleek hair elude you. Nice clothes just are not in the budget anymore. The simplest tasks, like going to the bathroom or holding an adult conversation, suddenly become not-so-simple. And while motherhood is rewarding and beautiful, it's also sometimes crap.

That's where Mom's Nite Out comes in.Β 

Mom's Nite Out Atlanta Blogger Event

I recently had the opportunity to take a much-needed Mom's Nite Out with some Atlanta mommy blogger friends, and it was amazing. We had drinks and appetizers and chatted about anything we wanted without interruption.

We also attended an advance screening of the new Mom's Night Out movie, starring Sarah Drew (of Grey's Anatomy). It was so funny to listen to the moms react to the movie. We could ALL relate to some of the situations presented, and that made it even better. It was hilarious and heartwarming, and if you have a moment to spare this weekend, you should watch it!

National Mom's Nite Out is tomorrow, May 8th. Mom's everywhere can join in on several virtual events to celebrate the occasion! If you're able to head out for the evening, grab a group of your favorite girlfriends and enjoy drinks and a movie. Either way, it's going to be a fun night!

And just in case I don't have the chance to tell you on Sunday - Happy Mother's Day!

How will you celebrate Mom this year?Β