Throwback Thursday With Netflix #StreamTeam

Ahh, it's that time again. A day to look back and reminisce over years past and get all sappy on social media. That's right - it's Throwback Thursday! Take a peek at one of the most defining moments of my life: Handsome Husband Andre

This picture was taken just after my now-husband, Andrè, and I decided to become a couple. We made it official 8 years ago. My reasoning then? I injured my back doing something stupid, and he was taking me to see his mom (an amazing massage therapist). I didn't want things to be awkward when I met her, so I told him that we should be a legit couple. He agreed.

Oh, and by the way - we were engaged two weeks later.

Did you know that Netflix is a great place to stream content that can help bring you back to the days of old? Ok, it's not actually a time machine, but it almost feels like I've been transported back to the 80's and 90's when I watch classics like 'Murder, She Wrote' and 'Family Ties.'

Netflix also offers an excellent selection of child-appropriate shows and movies so that we can share our childhood favorites with our kids! Check out this list of Throwback Netflix Kids options:

Throwback Netflix

Do you have a favorite throwback TV show or movie that you like to watch with your child? What is it?

As a member of the Netflix Stream Team, I have received a form of compensation for sharing content with you on this site. All opinions come from my personal experiences with Netflix over the past 8 years (and counting!)