Frozen-Inspired Reading Activity For Early Readers + Printable

I started reading at the age of 3. Not just Dr. Seuss books, but anything and everything I could get my hands on (including the newspaper!) I know that is an anomaly, and not something that I should have expected of my own child, but that's just not how my mind works. Danger knew the letters of the alphabet, as well as their "sounds" - all by the age of 18 months. Reading should have followed pretty quickly, right? Wrong.

I had to get creative to encourage Danger to read. I'm still adjusting to her learning approach, and that will probably never change so long as we are homeschooling.

I came up with a fun little reading activity that has really helped to build Danger's reading confidence, an important part of encouraging young readers to succeed. I came across an adorable Disney Frozen-themed memory game printable, and used some of the pieces to create a fun reading activity.* I cut out the pictures, and turned them into pockets before gluing them to a sheet of plain paper.

FREE Frozen-Inspired Reading Activity + Printable

I also spent a little time creating this snowflake printable. After printing and cutting them out, I just took a pen and wrote words on the back of each one. I decided that we would focus on matching word endings to make it a little more fun.

Some words are:

  • bat, cat, mat, pat, rat, sat
  • ban, can, fan, man, pan, tan
  • bed, fed, led, red, wed
  • bit, fit, hit, kit, lit, pit, sit, wit

and so on. You get the idea :)

How to use this activity

Danger flips over the snowflakes so that she can read the words. After reading each one, she places the snowflake on a character until she has matched all the word endings. Then she places the snowflakes in their corresponding pocket, making this a great, self-containing activity.

I'm making a Tinker Bell set for the next round of words, and we'll go on from there. Letting her choose the theme of the activity makes it more interesting to her.

Where do you like to find inspiration for learning activities?Β 

*After printing the memory game, I cut out the squares, glued small bits of paper onto the back of each to form a pouch, and then glued each square onto a sheet of paper. This technique makes the pockets a little stronger. You are welcome to my snowflake printable for personal use only. The image above has been retouched (the original image did not photograph well).Β