Oh Christmas Tree!

Every time I see a Christmas tree (or any tree with lights, really) I break out into a verse of 'Oh Christmas Tree!' So, yeah... Oh Christmas tree!

Our tree came from a really awesome parking lot pop-up shop. We were able to choose between Douglas Fir and Fraser Fir, as well as varying height. Andrè realllly wanted a smaller tree this year, but somehow I convinced him to get the biggest one we could fit into our home. I really think it must have been mislabeled somehow, because it was still quite large after we had the tree guy trim it up a bit.

Christmas tree

Now if only Andrè would trim his beard now that No Shave November is FINALLY OVER! I really hate the whole no-shave thing. I don't care what cause his office was raising money for. The strange mustaches had me gagging for a month, people!

Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? Real or faux?