A Friendsgiving Recap

I hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving! I know, I know... Thanksgiving was so last week. It's Christmas time now! But because I'm trying super hard to get back into writing this blog for my daughter's benefit, I would be remiss to not even mention all of the Thanksgiving festivities that went down at Casa Bradshaw. I guess you could say that we celebrated an impromptu 'Friendsgiving' this year. We invited over some of our very best friends, and just had a casual evening together.

This year, I took a less-is-more approach to the festivities. I didn't decorate the house or dining room at all. In fact, we ate off our everyday dish set from Target, and each of us used one fork and one knife. Fancy, fancy!Β 

I didn't put a lot of time and effort into planning child-appropriate crafts, either. And no, I did not touch anything in the kitchen. That was all Andrè (another thing I'm thankful for is a man that cooks!)

Instead, we sat around the table wearing smiles and yoga pants, and chatted about our goals for the future. We must have talked for at least four hours straight, because it was well after ten when our friends started on their trek home.

All three girls made a huge mess in Danger's bedroom, but it was fine because they were busy making memories with each other. My husband's mess under the table, however, was not so cute. I kinda think he dropped the Chex Mix pieces he didn't like on the floor for me to clean up. ;)

Classic Mommy Blog - Daughter Danger

Children make the holidays fun and bright, but they really do force you to change your perspective on how holidays are celebrated. I'm so thankful for our friends with kids, especially because we had so much fun hanging out pre-kids, too. And yeah, having a separate kiddo table with children that can keep to themselves was pretty awesome.

How was your Thanksgiving? What did you do to celebrate the big day?