It's The Not-So-Great Pumpkin! #ww

Lesson learned: Leave the pumpkin carving to the more experienced carvers in the family.  After the pumpkin saw broke off and buried itself into my finger, I asked Dre to help finish Danger's pumpkin. He was busy working on her tree house, so I didn't expect him to finish it right away.

It's been three days - and the partially-carved pumpkin is just rotting on our back deck. Princess Belle has a jagged eyebrow, and that's it.

BUT we have a pretty awesome tree house in our backyard, so it all evens out. (It looks like the Cinderella castle at Disney World and even has a zip line for Tinker Bell and a hammock and color-changing lights and an awesome torch! Yeah!) 

Next year, we will just paint our pumpkins like the other sensible people in America.

Anyway, the best part of using pumpkins for fall decor is choosing just the right one. We had SO MUCH FUN picking out our plump pumpkins from Burt's Pumpkin Farm.

Pumpkin Patch PoseI even managed to get in on a picture for once!

Classic Mommy and Danger

Did your pumpkins turn out like you expected them to?