These Are The Quiet Days

Classic Mommy | Atlanta Mom Blogger

These are the quiet days that I long for each year. 

Cooler weather, hot coffee, and the lull before the holiday season hits.

In the past week, we've picked out Halloween costumes and bought groceries, both of which are huge accomplishments for our busy family.

We also celebrated my dad's birthday, entertained my nephew during his brief stay in our home, and experienced Disney on Ice with Danger's sweet friend.

We went to church and a wedding (though we had to leave early) and we ate doughnuts and greasy egg and cheese biscuits.

We worked and enjoyed homeschool and sprayed the ants in our yard.

We shopped at Bass Pro, competed at Dave and Buster's, and ate way too much ice cream before falling into bed. We might have eaten ice cream for breakfast one day, too.

We held mini-dance parties in the living room, polished the floors, and played with Barbies and Playdoh.

I don't know what the week ahead will hold, but if it's as perfect as this past week, then I welcome it wholeheartedly.

These are the quiet days, the calm before the holiday storm.

What have you been up to lately?