Disney On Ice presents Let's Celebrate NOW in Atlanta! #DOIAtlanta

Disney On Ice presents Let's Celebrate! is in Atlanta, and you won't want to miss it! From October 9-13, children of all ages can celebrate the holidays during this lively performance at Philips Arena. Disney on Ice Atlanta

Once again, Disney on Ice delighted and entranced sweet Danger. We were able to take her friend Prisha with us, and both girls sat on the edge of their seats - singing, clapping, and grinning at the spectacular ice skating performance down below.Β 

After the show, I received some feedback from Danger and Prisha:

"I saw sooo many princesses!" (Prisha)

"That show was GREAT! And I saw Tinkerbell!" (Danger)

And perhaps most importantly, "I had so much fun, Mommy!"

Both girls fell asleep on the drive home, but not before taunting my nephew for skipping out on such a fun show. :)

Disney on Ice Let's Celebrate Atlanta

If you have the chance, you really should consider taking your child to see the new Disney On Ice presents Let's Celebrate! performance at Philips Arena in Atlanta.

Tips For Making The Most Of Disney On Ice:

  • Children love to dress up for the Disney shows. Danger and Prisha wore princess dresses, complete with tiara and jewelry. They didn't exactly stand out in the sea of princesses, but they were treated like royalty by the staff of Philips Arena, as well as friendly parents that attended the show.
  • Sit in the closest section to the ice, but not on the front row. You'll get a great view! The upper sections of seating are not ideal for this performance (I say this because our seats were in section 208, and we had a hard time hearing the music and voices, as well as seeing some of the details that really make the Disney On Ice performances really POP).
  • You can purchase glow-in-the-dark bracelets, wands, and necklaces from Target or the Dollar Tree for one dollar. Bring these to save money at the event. We did purchase a light-up wand and snow cone for each girl at the event ---> This cost $68 just for the four items, not including the fries and tub of popcorn that the girls asked to snack on. This leads to...
  • Plan a snack budget, and eat dinner before you enter the arena. Food is not particularly budget-friendly at Philips Arena (supply and demand). The Disney-themed treats can really add up (just for reference, the snow cones are $12 each, but are served in a reusable Disney cup).

Remember, this is a family-friendly performance. Don't stress the small things! You will encounter lines and crowds, but they will only affect your experience if you let them. If you've ever visited Disney World or attended a Disney Live performance, you may have learned an important lesson: Patience is a part of Disney.Β 

Do you have a favorite Disney memory? Please share!Β 

I received complimentary passes to Disney On Ice to write a detailed review article on the Classic Mommy site. All opinions shared in this article come from my experiences at the event.Β