Care4Today Mobile Health Management App Aimed At Improving Family Health #Care4Today

Raising a child is not always easy. They get hurt, they get frustrated, and they get sick. Add a chronic illness with daily medications to the list, and it can be especially hard to keep your child healthy. Care4Today

That's where the Care4Today Mobile Health Manager comes in. This app can help busy parents keep track of medications, dosage times and amounts, and refills. I am really looking forward to using the app's medication reminder feature so that I can be more consistent with Danger's daily medications, especially when she gets sick.Β 

Last month, Danger had an eye infection that required 3 doses of an oral antibiotic for 10 days, as well as an eye ointment twice a day for a week. Adding her other daily medications to the mix, we were just constantly dosing the poor girl, and I'll admit - we couldn't always be sure that our efforts were exactly consistent. We absolutely could have benefited from the Care4Today Mobile Health Management app. It's really simple to set up medication reminders on the app so you never miss a dose!

The Care4Family feature links family members and loved ones to help encourage the entire family to stay on schedule with their medications. You can choose to connect via Care4Family with friends or family, and if a member fails to take a medication, the other family members will receive a notification. Users will also have the ability to send reports to physicians about current medications and dosages, which will make it very easy for those with chronic illnesses and multiple medications to receive proper care.


Another great feature is Care4Charity. This feature allows users the opportunity to choose one of three charities to receive a donation from Janssen Healthcare Innovation for each day they indicate that they have correctly taken all of their medications! The charities include: American Diabetes Association, AIDS United, and Save the Children.

I plan on signing up for the Care4Today Mobile Health Management app today. It's a wonderful platform for managing your health-related needs, and can assist families in making sure loved ones are doing their best at managing their own health.

What is your favorite feature of the Care4Today app?Β 

I have been compensated for sharing this information with you, but my excitement is genuine. All opinions come from my own personal understanding of the Care4Today MHM platform.Β