Travel Coast to Coast with the WEEBLES at The Children's Museum of Atlanta!

One of my very favorite child-friendly attractions is The Children's Museum of Atlanta. Here, children can learn through play and let their imaginations run wild. It's just as easy for adults to get caught up in the learning and play opportunities, too. The newest exhibit at The Children's Museum of Atlanta is the WEEBLES Coast to Coast 50-state adventure. From June 8 - September 8, children can enjoy interactive stations for every single state. Each activity is themed around what each state represents or a notable icon.Β 

Weebles Coast to Coast at Children's Museum of Atlanta

For example, in Missouri, children can try their hand at building the famous St. Louis arch. In Hawaii, children can enjoy virtual snorkeling (it's very cool!) And in Montana, children can dig for dinosaur fossils!

My little space girl loved pretending to be an astronaut in Alabama. Future career? I can just see it now: Astronaut Danger saves the day!

Astronaut Danger WEEBLES Coast Children's Museum of Atlanta

After visiting all of the states, one thing is for certain: I can't wait to take my little traveling buddy back to explore the great United States at The Children's Museum of Atlanta!

What's your favorite state? (And is it the one you reside in?) My favorite state is Arizona, but we aren't moving back there for a few years. It's where my daughter was born, and is just an overall incredible place to live. Although... Georgia is pretty awesome :)

Arizona Cactus Children's Museum of AtlantaI promise, she was very happy here. She was trying to hold still so I could measure her.Β 

I was provided with media passes so that I could write an honest and detailed review article on the Classic Mommy site. All opinions come from my personal experiences at the Museum.Β