6 Reasons Why #DisneyInfinity Rocks!

At the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I got a sneak peek at the new Disney Infinity video game. If you are a "gaming mom" like me, then you are probably going to love it. Here are six reasons why: 1) Disney Infinity has revolutionized the video game experience with a new platform that works on virtually all existing platforms - Wii, XBox 360, Nintendo DS, you name it!

2) Players have actual Disney character figures for the game, so children can tote around their Mike Wazowski or Mr. Incredible figures even when they are not playing the game. Check out the character figures from the Monsters University play set:

Disney Monsters University play set

3) Set-up is easy: Just place the Disney character figure onto the Infinity Base to bring the game to life.

4) The Toy Box mode allows players to interact with other favorite Disney characters to create new adventures, complete challenges, build and customize worlds, and even more. You can choose to play around in the world of the characters, or create your own.

5) The Play Sets are themed on four favorite Disney movies (so far!): Cars, Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Incredibles - and each set offers several characters to choose from for game play.

6) Players can unlock additional characters, toys, weapons, buildings, gadgets, and more in the Play Set and then bring them into the Toy Box to create their own adventure.

But with all of this information, you want to actually see what the fuss is all about, right? Take a peek at the trailer for the new Monsters University play set:

I have been playing video games for about twenty years now, and I will admit that some of my favorite games from over the years have been Disney-themed. (Ok, that 90's Aladdin game for the Super Nintendo? Loved it!)Β I'm excited about this upcoming game release, and can't wait to try it out with little Danger. Look for it in-stores and online on August 18, 2013!

Do you have a favorite video game?Β 

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