InstaPalette: LEGOLAND Atlanta's Legends of #CHIMA4D Movie Experience

LEGOLAND #CHIMA4DI’ve created a new #ww series where I take my favorite Instagram-worthy pic and create a color palette inspired by the image: InstaPalette. This is week #11. 

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta has a new 4D movie experience that is really fun. The Legends of Chima 4D movie is short, offers up ample chances to get soaked, and allows children the opportunity to root for the "good" guys.

Danger especially enjoyed that some of the lead characters in The Legends of Chima are children, just like her. In fact, as we were exiting the theater, she turned to me and said, "This is the best movie ever!" Not that she doesn't say that a million times a day about other things, but it was a sign of her enjoyment, for sure.

Have you visited the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Atlanta? What's your favorite attraction?

We were invited to a press event at LDC Atlanta to view the new 4D movie: The Legends of Chima 4D. No compensation was provided, and I was not asked to write a brief review.