Top 3 Blogger Pet Peeves

I don't like to spend a lot of time worrying about what other bloggers are doing. However, as I've taken on more responsibilities with clients, I've started paying more attention to the bad blogger behaviors that can potentially damage a blogger's reputation with brand representatives. I'll 'fess up to a few bad behaviors over my five years of blogging and give examples of things that I have dealt with from the client-side of blogger outreach. Are you guilty of these three blogger pet peeves?

Bad blogger behaviors

3 Blogger Pet Peeves

1) Bloggers are terrible about reading through emails carefully. We skim, and unless something catches our eye, we move on. Very often, the thing that catches our eye is how we are addressed in the email. "Dear Mommy Blogger," "Dear Autumn," "Dear Classic Mommy," or "Dear BrianΒ (when my name is Autumn)" make a difference in the way the message is received. No joke. I always check the sender's information before opening an email, too. This is where a carefully-crafted subject line will really help your message to be received. So while bloggers fail at reading things carefully, brands sometimes fail at getting the message received through simple errors.

2) Bloggers very rarely check their SPAM folders. I'm not the worst offender of this. In fact, my SPAM folder usually stays pretty clear, if only because I am aware now that many important messages are sent to this folder. However, many bloggers get so many SPAM messages that they stop checking their folder - and an important email goes unopened.

Lesson for brands: if you really want to work with one certain blogger, follow up on your email on other social channels. Perhaps visit LinkedIn or twitter to have your voice heard. I've linked to my own channels, in case you are interested in working with me ;)Β 

Lesson for bloggers: if you don't want to miss out on an opportunity, you have to start paying more attention to your SPAM folder. Take one day a week to clear it out, or clear it out every night so you don't get overwhelmed. There are other bloggers just like you - yes, you! - that brands will be able to reach.

3) Bloggers will RSVP for an event that they do not fully intend to attend. They hold "their" spot in case information is announced that make the event more desirable for them (like swag, elite people in attendance, etc). In the "Mommy Blogger" general niche, this can be especially true of events that are held at child-friendly attractions. I wish that PR companies would pay closer attention to this, and weed out the people that don't show up for events from future invites. In a highly saturated blogging niche, there are literally hundreds of interested people in any given area that would love to cover an event. Don't invite people that are not true to their word. Chances are that their inability to shoulder responsibility and commitment to a press event is an indicator of the kind of coverage and promotion that you can expect to receive from them - which, in the case of inviting a flake, is zero.

What are some of your blogger pet peeves? (And what are you guilty of?)Β