Day Two, Part Two of #DisneySMMoms: Red Carpet Social

I can finally say that I have attended a red carpet event, and it was every bit as glamorous and exciting as I had imagined it to be! The Red Carpet Social at Disney's Hollywood Studios was a fantastic event that I will not soon forget. We dined on delicious Disney foods. We drank fizzy beverages that helped us to wind down from the day's events. We danced Gangnam Style, with a DJ that took song requests using the #DisneySMMomsSong hashtag. And we interacted with our favorite classic Disney characters in an energetic and spirited setting. #DisneySMMoms event Mickey

My family and I enjoyed the company of fellow Atlanta blogger Serious Krystyn, of Really, Are You Serious? and her sweet family. I'm fairly certain that our husbands would be best friends, if only mine were present at the event. (And if you were at the event, were you able to meet up with Krystyn? She's totally awesome!)Β 

We watched live performance art, as two very talented painters created Disney masterpieces right on the sidewalk of the Lights, Motors, Action! set of Hollywood Studios.Β 


But best of all, we had the opportunity to let loose and just have fun. I missed Danger so much during the day, and while I know she was having so much fun with my parents at the Magic Kingdom, it was so wonderful to sing, dance, and play with her at the event.

(And check out the grand entrance by Gary Buchanan! He really did jump from a tall building!)

#DisneySMMoms Gary Buchanan

What makes an event special to you? Is it the decorations, the food, or the company?

I'm fairly certain that as far as events go, it doesn't get much better than our Disney Red Carpet Social.

As an attendee of this invite-only event, I received complimentary items, special discounts and other benefits, such as food and entertainment, from the event organizers in order to experience the unique magic of the Walt Disney World Resort. All opinions come from the careful consideration of my own personal experiences, and were not influenced or purchased in any way.