Where Have I Been? Where Have You Been?

This past week has been very hard. I had a nice little stay in a rural hospital (read: no internet), and it was just as fun as you could imagine. Two surgeries in one week. FIVE i.v.s inserted into my arms. Six and a half nights in the hospital. No, this week has not been fun. Not fun at all.Β 

Atlanta Mommy Blogger Hair

If I've been quiet, it is only because I've been denied use of both my arms (that, and the intermittent internet coverage). I'm sorry.

If you've tried to reach out to me via email, please be assured that I will be in touch with you very soon. The one week where I really needed to be communicating, asking last minute questions, and responding to requests for press coverage --- just so happened to be the one week that I was totally unavailable. Isn't that usually how these things go?

So, please: Help me to fill in the blanks. What did you do last week? I know I missed out on a lot from last week (like Disney On Ice!) and I want to catch up on all things Atlanta before my trip to Florida this week! Feel free to post a link to your review of the Disney On Ice show - or anything fun and exciting that you did last week - below.

And you should probably know: I missed you. A lot.