I'm Training For A Fun Run At #DisneySMMoms- (And No, That's Not A Joke)

When I tell people that I'm training for a fun run at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I'm met with a multitude of reactions. My best friend, Corinne, gave me a huge smile and said, "That's awesome!" My mom groaned in sympathy for me because she knows how out of shape I am. And my husband and his best friend - well, they laughed at me. Hard.Β  The laughter was not a result of me wanting to get into shape for an event at Disney. The laughter was fully the result of me wanting to get into shape for something that is supposed to be fun. A fun run. No winners, no losers. Just fun.

Disney Fun Run

In all of my efforts, I keep forgetting that the Disney Fun Run is supposed to be for fun, and not something that I should break myself for. It's a short distance of only two miles at a 13-minute mile pace. Before Danger was born, I could run over three miles at around a 7-minute mile pace. This shouldn't be the torture that I'm making it out to be, and that's most definitely not the intention of the @runDisney team that is hosting this event.

I'm going to participate to learn more about fitness from the @runDisney team and Ali Vincent, from The Biggest Loser. I'm going to experience the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex firsthand. I'm going to interact with my fellow bloggers as we jog though the heart of Disney World at the buttcrack of dawn. And most of all, I'm going to have fun... because that's what Disney is all about.

Are you a runner? What are some of your tips to help with endurance?Β