InstaPalette Week 5: Earl of Sandwich Downtown Disney!

Earl of Sandwich Downtown Disney

I've created a new #ww series where I take my favorite Instagram-worthy pic and create a color palette inspired by the image: InstaPalette. This is week #5. 

My family and I loved our recent trip to Downtown Disney so much that I can't seem to get it off of my mind. Earl of Sandwich Downtown Disney is part of the reason why our trip was so unforgettable.

I know what you're thinking - a sandwich shop, for crying out loud?! It's DISNEY! But really, you have to try Earl of Sandwich at least once on your next Disney trip to see why it is so memorable.

The gourmet options range from hearty meatball subs to warm soups to fresh salads, with lots of options in between. There are even a few extras that put this sandwich joint over the top - can you say enormous sprinkle-covered cupcakes? What about chocolate pudding and fresh fruit cups?! It's no wonder why Earl of Sandwich left such a lovely impression on my family!

I'm looking forward to dining there with my parents during our week-long trip to the Disney Social Media Moms celebration in May. It just might be our special treat for Mother's Day ;)

What's your favorite restaurant at a Walt Disney World property?