2012: A Year To Remember

Danger in 20122012 held a lot of new opportunities for growth and personal development, not just for Danger, but for her parents, as well. Andrè spent a month in India for his job, and ended out the year researching work-related topics to further his knowledge. I attended my first and second blogger conferences, interviewed a celebrity mama, got a Tetanus (DTaP) booster - long story - and signed up for a Costco membership (major!) Danger took her first trip to Florida with her grandparents, had an amazing pink ballerina birthday party to celebrate three whole years of life, and accompanied me to so many events and activities that I'm surprised she doesn't expect to be dragged out of the house every day.

Danger in 2012Danger learned how to fish, how to ride her tricycle, how to write and spell her name, and how to read simple books. She experienced all the goodness of s'mores and sparklers on the fourth of July, went for a boat ride with her Grandpa Corey, traveled to five states, and picked out two beautiful and plump pumpkins in the North Georgia mountains.

While 2012 was not all sunshine and cupcakes, I can now look back in amazement at just how blessed we have been. I hope that whatever the new year holds for you is even more wonderful! Happy New Year, friends!