Things I Will NEVER Blog About

I think that part of what makes the blogging genre so interesting is that there are so many different levels of comfort. While bloggers do participate in a similar form of communication, we blog for different reasons and about different topics. Even the "mommy" bloggers. Perhaps especially the "mommy" bloggers. For instance, I've read many posts recently about personal family topics that I would not feel comfortable sharing. While I do think that the information should be available for those of us that need advice in that particular area, it's just not my cup of tea. And that's alright. We shouldn't all be the same.

Here are a few of the things that I will never ever blog about:

  • If my child starts wetting the bed when she's older.
  • My daughter's first period. Or any of her periods. Period.
  • My child's romantic relationships, break-ups, or sexuality.
  • Fights with my husband.
  • Politics. No need to polarize my blog readers.

A few thoughts on the above list:

This is my blog, my space, and while I use it to document the story of Team Bradshaw, I do not believe that this story is only mine to share.

I will not sacrifice my daughter's trust and respect in order to participate in a blogger outreach program that might compromise those things one day. Same goes for my husband and our arguments (or lack thereof ;))

As far as the political world goes, I do believe that we all have a right to an opinion (hopefully an educated one!) but that doesn't necessarily mean that we have to put a voice behind it on our otherwise non-political blogs. People don't follow my mommy blog because they want to hear more political propaganda.

One of the reasons that I switched my personal blog to the Classic Mommy site is because I want to form a community. I desire interaction, support, and kindred spirits to share in the joys and sadnesses that life throws my way. Sharing my support for so-and-so would only serve to drive away people that I wish to interact with, so I'm just not going there.

Do you agree? What's on your list of taboo topics?Β