LeapFrog Touch Magic Party

LeapFrog is my favorite brand of educational toys and DVDs. I believe that learning should be fun, and LeapFrog does a wonderful job of creating engaging content for young children. I recently had the opportunity to share some of LeapFrog's newest products with my daughter and her little friends, and I am so excited to share this experience with you today! The new line of LeapFrog products - called Touch Magic - are basically interactive toys that encourage learning and creativity through touch-sensitive technology. Children are accustomed to using smartphones and tablets that have touch-sensitive screens, and these toys deliver just what a child expects from technology. No banging or pounding is necessary to get these toys to work!

We were able to share the Rockin' Guitar and the Learning Bus from the new Touch Magic product line with some of Danger's little friends. Take a look at how mesmerized little Liam is with the Touch Magic Learning Bus!

It was pretty interesting to watch the children interact with these toys. While I cannot say that there was a "winner," the girls tended to gravitate toward the Rockin' Guitar, while the boys were more interested in the Learning Bus. I thought it would have been the reverse for some reason.

Children of all ages were entertained by these toys. While they are targeted at children ages 2+, the children at our gathering ranged in age from 18 months to 8 years, so you can be sure that these toys will be well-received in your home. (And I'll admit to tapping out some of my own tunes on the Learning Bus!) ;)

We were also provided with some fun activity kits for our guests that included masks, cut-and-paste booklets, and fun song sheets. Check out these adorable printable animal masks:

Best thing of all? These printable animal masks are FREE! Find the masks and other fun LeapFrog downloads on the LeapFrog party site, and host your own LeapFrog Touch Magic party.

What is your favorite LeapFrog product?

I received product as part of a promotional program with LeapFrog, however all opinions come from my own personal experiences with the product(s) mentioned in the review.