Letting Go

Letting go has become a common theme for mid-August. Children dash off to school, some to college, and life settles back into a simplified and completely predictable routine. There is another type of "letting go" that is just as transformative, just as heart-warming, just as amazing as sending a child off to be educated in the school system. I am speaking of the peace and happiness that comes from letting go of preconceived fears, of wildly worrisome expectations and just being free to enjoy life.

My daughter and I experienced this freedom over the weekend, and it still brings a smile to my face when I recall how we were simply present in the moment. Take a look:

Armed with a helmet and cute new shoes, Danger was ready to ride her tricycle on the bike trail with all the "big people." No fear! No hesitation!

Only smiles :)

Of course, another important component of letting go is testing the waters. Danger ran circles around the splash fountain, and even got me to put down the camera and jump in with her! My husband had the wisdom to pack a change of clothes for Danger, but I just had to let myself air-dry. Fun in the sun with my adorable child was well worth the dampness that I encountered.

Soaked but so so happy!

And of course, I had to get in on the picture, too! :D Aren't we such silly girls?!

It's somewhat freeing to be without sometimes. Without a phone. Without the internet. Without a car. Without money. We managed to have a blast anyway!

What did you do this past weekend?