Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Where in the South can you see dinosaurs, DNA models, local taxidermy, an Indian child's jacket, and an AMAZING play area all in the same place? Fernbank Museum in Atlanta, of course!

All of the items have been carefully assembled to create a dynamic mix of fun and bizarre, while representing an educational lesson rooted in science and history. Fernbank Museum offers a learning experience that is not to be missed!

The beautiful "A Walk Through Time In Georgia" exhibit showcases the history and geography of Georgia, from how the land evolved to the animals that are native to the state. The Okefenokee Swamp section is an excellent representation of one of my very favorite segments of Georgia. From the Spanish Moss-covered trees to the raccoons batting at a turtle shell, this exhibit stays true to life.

Make sure to take the time to view the short videos that accompany the exhibit. The bite-sized clips make learning about science very simple. My three year old daughter can now explain in detail the difference between red and blue light, and what the colors mean in regards to object movement. While not childlike in description, the narration is very simple to understand and engaging for people of all ages.

The dinosaur gallery offers humongous models of dinosaurs that lived during the Mesozoic Era. Place your hand in the footprint to get an idea of just how truly large and dominant dinosaurs once were compared to man... or little girl :)

The special exhibition currently on display at Fernbank Museum is called "The Scoop On Poop," and while the name might make you cringe, this exhibit is actually quite tame. My toddler learned her favorite new word here - caΟ‚a (poop). Make sure to step on the scale to see how long it would take an elephant to poop your body weight! There are lots of other surprises in this exhibit, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to stop at all of the little booths along the way.

The "Reflections Of Culture" exhibit showcases items from all aspects of life in cultures around the world. From a child's jacket to fancy headdresses, there is plenty to see and explore in this section. It's amazing to see how people around the world express themselves and the reasons behind some of the intricate and bold costumes, jewelry, tattoos, and more.

Fernbank offers an excellent assortment of animals, plants, science, and history in each of the exhibits, but my daughter was interested in one very big thing in a very big way: the dinosaurs in the Great Hall. While the dinosaurs are actually cast representations of the real thing, the Giants of the Mesozoic are still a sight to behold!

If you plan to visit Fernbank Museum (which you should if you are ever in the Atlanta area!) plan to make it a whole day trip, if you can. There is so much to see and learn, and while it is possible to see everything in a three-hour visit, the experience will be much better with time to really soak everything in. I haven't even begun to describe the amazing IMAX theatre or the Fernbank NatureQuest!

The Fernbank NatureQuest is a hands-on experience that gets children involved in exploring the world around them. Be on the lookout for my Fernbank NatureQuest post later this week!Β 

Have you visited Fernbank Museum? What was your favorite exhibit to explore? If you haven't visited yet, what is your favorite dinosaur? :)Β