A New Blabla Friend For Danger

Before my husband left for India, we took little Danger to the blabla store in Atlanta to pick up a new friend. Everything about the store is so charming - from the black and white checkered tile at the entranceway, to the playful window display, and the employees that work there (shout out to the amazing Nicole!) 

Sheathed in a protective plastic cover, Danger's new Giant Mr. X was ready to make her acquaintance. He wore his fancy black hat and striped sweater, while Danger opted for a ruffly, ballet-inspired dress. It was a match made in toy heaven.

While walking around the store, Danger found a few other items that piqued her interest. First up, a lovely arrangement of finger puppets:

A quick glance up at the blabla wall introduced Danger to the most adorable black kitty:

While Danger does NOT get every.single.thing that she wants, we do try to buy her a new blabla every now and then because it makes us all very happy.

Is there a brand of toy that you like to treat your child to? Any other blabla fans out there?

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