23 Things To Do In May

  1. Picnic at the park
  2. Identify constellations (use the Google Sky app if you need help)
  3. Water balloon fight
  4. Go fishing
  5. Pick strawberries (Atlanta folks, check out the list of farms by Atlanta With Kid)
  6. Outdoor movie marathon
  7. Play hopscotch
  8. Make a necklace with cereal o's
  9. Visit a science museum
  10. Make popsicles
  11. Play dress up
  12. Go swimming
  13. Visit a local farm
  14. Make giant bubbles (I especially like the Alex Toys Monster Bubbles Set)
  15. Finger paint
  16. Go on a scavenger hunt
  17. Have a yard sale
  18. Ride a bike
  19. Grow flowers from seeds
  20. Make a birdfeeder
  21. Get a haircut
  22. Cardboard crafting
  23. Donate to charity

What would you add to this list?