Ballerina Birthday Party - The Food

My daughter requested a pink ballerina birthday party to celebrate her third birthday and we were more than happy to oblige. This ballet-inspired party will be detailed in at least two posts, as there are so many beautiful details that I would like to share with you! Take a peek at what my mother-in-law came up with to celebrate this very happy occasion.

Pink Ballerina Cupcakes

Ballerina CupcakesThese ballerina cupcakes were so adorable. My mother-in-law made them (and everything you see here!) from scratch. She used pink chocolate for the leotards and added some super cute nonpareil "pearls" to lend a fancier look to the cupcakes. 

Ballerina CupcakesAs if the ballerina tutu cupcakes were not enough, no party is complete without a second cupcake option. These fluffy cupcakes were decorated with nonpareils and a touch of sugar to make them just a bit sparkly. All of the cupcakes had a bit of maple syrup mixed into the icing, which made them so sweet and delicious.

Teddy Bear Ballerina Sandwiches

Teddy Bear Ballerina SandwichesThese teddybear sandwiches were my favorite treat! We offered them in two options: cream cheese or tofutti (for vegans, such as my daughter and her Auntie PingPing). They tasted so rich and were a wonderful contrast to the super sweet cupcakes and fruit assortment.

Ballerina Birthday Party Food

Ballerina Birthday Party FoodHere's a glimpse at what (some of) our spread looked like. Cupcakes, teddybear sandwiches, fruit (strawberries, grapes, and cucumber slices), chips and hummus, and beautiful pretzel butterflies. The pretzel butterflies were made with melted chocolate and provided guests with a salty-sweet treat.

Ballerina Pink Dipped MarshmallowsWe also had pink chocolate-dipped marshmallow pops. I believe this was the most popular treat at the party. The girls loved nibbling on these sweet treats.

Ballerina Pink Cotton Candy ConesMy MIL also had a cotton candy maker, so she made these very yummy cotton candy cones for the guests to enjoy. Fluff doesn't just belong on tutus, right? You might notice a third option of cupcakes in this image. We couldn't leave the boys out. The brothers all enjoyed chocolate cupcakes with white icing, decorated with primary colored sprinkles.

I am so very grateful for my amazing mother-in-law who put all of this together for my darling Danger. Our ballerina birthday party food was so amazing! The party was beautiful, fun, and everything that a little girl could dream of. Happy birthday, Danger!

Check back later for part 2 (the decor and the fun!)