Classic Mommy-Daughter Valentine's Fashion

For Mom:

(left column, top to bottom) Refined silk-cashmere wrap in cerise; Maritime dress in navy; Classic Metallic Leather Ballet Flats in brocade gold. All items from J.Crew. 

For Daughter:

(right column, top to bottom) Girls' Caroline Cardigan in vivid poppy; Girls' stripe relay dress in classic navy; Girls' classic metallic leather ballet flats in metallic gold. All items from Crewcuts (J.Crew). 

I really love J.Crew. I especially love the classic, conservative style that J.Crew offers. It's a nice change from the over the top look-at-me!-look-at-me! clothes many stores have to offer today.

I plan to coordinate my clothing with my daughter's for Valentine's Day this year. There is no special meaning behind it other than just not taking this time with her for granted. I know that someday, her opinion on style may not match what I have in mind.

Moms of daughters - do you coordinate your outfits with hers? What stores do you like to shop at for this purpose?