Classic Mommy Beauty

I hate to admit it, but most days, I really just do not care at all about my appearance. In fact, my husband is getting accustomed to being married to this: Isn't that quite sad? (And yes, that is a picture of me after I woke up this morning). I used to be quite adorable when I was young. I can say that now without guilt or shame of boasting because I see something now that I did not then - I was so beautiful because I took the time to care for myself and my appearance. I exercised, I got a full night's rest, and I perfectly applied just the right amount of makeup to emphasize the features that God gave me.

Now that I am a parent, I fool myself into thinking that I do not have the time to worry about such "trivial" matters. This is not true. While I do admit that I have a lot on my plate these days, there is no excuse for not doing something each day to better my appearance.

I spent just a little bit of time painting my face up this morning. My self-confidence needed a boost, and I could think of no better way to lift my spirits than by putting a little bit of effort into drawing out some of my physical beauty.

Here's the finished product of about 15 minutes of my morning: Ok, here's the real pic: 

I feel better, I look refreshed, and now I have so much energy! What are some of your favorite beauty products? I like ones that are inexpensive and easy to blend - I suppose you could call these "mommy-friendly" products.

And hey - if you know of any great beauty products that eliminate the need for a ton of spackle makeup, I'm all ears! (...or eyes, since I will be reading your comments/messages!)