When Barbie Met Danny

My daughter was playing with her new ballerina Barbie doll and decided she needed a male companion, so out came the Danny doll. MY Danny doll, as in Danny from NKOTB aka my first love. While his earring, ring, and rattail are still intact, I do have to admit that Danny's shoes disappeared quite some time ago. I think that jerk KenΒ stole them. Anyway...

Here's a little conversation between Danny and Barbie (from the mouth of my own two year old daughter, unedited for your pleasure):

Danny: Hi, Barbie.Β 

Barbie: Hi! Let's have a baby! (Because this is not at all a rude or inappropriate comment to make to a guy that you've just met).

Some light hugging and kissing commences, and then my daughter picks up her little girl ballerina doll and puts her into the new father's arms.

Danny: Ok, I have to go to work. Watch the baby, Barbie.Β 

Barbie: No! Wait! (pauses for a sec) Let's have another baby!

Danny: Uhhh... (hurries off to work)

Wow. That kid... Sometimes she leaves me speechless.

What funny/cute/interesting/weird things has your child said lately?