I Resolve To...

Between family gatherings, a new job, and spending lots of time cuddling up to my very favorite little girl ever, I have been neglecting this blog. I apologize. One thing that I am making a real effort to remember is that no matter what, my daughter comes first on my list of priorities. I've started a new job, which thankfully, I can do from home and at any hours that I wish. This is a tremendous blessing, but it also takes up any and all free time that I have. I'm not complaining.

2011 has truly been a year full of blessings for me and my family.Β When I reflect on the many occasions that my family and I had to celebrate this year, I realize yet again that there is one major thing that ties it all together - family. Whether your family is ready-made or a hand-picked collection of friends, neighbors, and church members, my wish for you for the new year is this:

Surround yourself with those that you love. Visit them often, laugh with them daily, and turn to them when times get hard.

I do not usually like to make new year's resolutions, but this one is important, for many reasons beyond the obvious. I very much would like to spend more time with my family in the coming year. Here's to another year full of love, blessings, and togetherness! Happy (early) 2012!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!