A Favorite Toy, A Happy Mermaid, A Crazy Mommy

My daughter wanted to dress like her very favorite toy (a blabla mermaid named Anemone) for Halloween, and as her crazy mommy, I decided that I would do everything within my power to make sure her wish was granted. After all, with all the toys and distractions available to children these days, a single favorite toy is typically a thing of the past. Not so with Danger's blabla dolls, especially her precious mermaid. I simply had to grant Danger's costume wish.

Trial And Error

I'm really not all that great at crochet, but I found a tutorial that looked simple enough to make the scales for her mermaid tail. Notice I said that it "looked simple enough." That was not the case. After many hours of trial and error, I was almost ready to give up when... *tada!* I finally got the stitching right. I continued on.

Because this was meant to be a Halloween costume, I knew that it needed to be easy to walk in, so I enlisted the help of my husband to crochet some green leggings to wear underneath her mermaid tail sheath. (He can totally crochet. He's actually the one that taught me how!)Β 

The wig was definitely a challenge. First, I crocheted a hat, and then took strands of yarn and wove them through the hat to make "hair." I hand-dyed the yarn with Kool Aid (which I most definitely do NOT recommend, but that's another story for another day).

Time Spent

I'm not even going to say the approximate number of hours that I spent working on this costume. It's embarrassing how much attention this one little costume received. Let's just say that if I were being paid minimum wage for my efforts, I could buy quite a few blabla dolls!

In the end, my daughter's reaction to her costume really made all the time, effort, and frustrations worth it. She was so happy to be dressed just like her very favorite blabla, and told me, "Thank you so much, mama!" at least a dozen times.


For Halloween, we only went to about five or six houses in our neighborhood, and only visited the people that were sitting outside passing out candy. Neither my husband nor myself were allowed to trick-or-treat at people's homes, so this was a first for all of us. I was surprised at all the candy Danger got in her little bucket! (And no, I'm not stealing any of it! :P)Β 

What did you do for Halloween? Did your kid dress up as a favorite toy or character? If you've posted about it, please let me know in the comments. I don't think there's anything cuter than seeing a child all dressed up in the costume of their choice :) Hope you all had a very happy Halloween!