Week In My Life: Wednesday and Thursday

Ok, I guess I've got some explaining to do. This week, I have been participating in Adventuroo's Week In My Life series. I skipped over Wednesday and was t-h-i-s close to skipping Thursday, but I decided that even if my life is painfully boring at the moment, we might want to look back at it one day to reminisce. So... here's Wednesday and Thursday (and pretty much every day): We usually start the day by running to the potty. It's amazing how loud someone so small can pee. Danger has been waking up with a dry diaper, but I just can't refrain from putting her in a diaper at night. I really don't want to have to clean up pee in the middle of the night, in case there's an accident. I value my sleep too much.

After the potty break, Danger runs to sit on the couch while I grab her medicine. She has hypothyroidism and is on medicine to help keep her levels of thyroid hormone where they need to be. Ever since she was three weeks old, my husband and I have been singing a song to Danger while she takes her medicine. It's totally corny, maybe even a little odd, but it gets the job done. We sing our rendition of the Flight of the Conchords song It's Business Time - but instead of singing 'business' we sing 'medicine'. Yes, we're super cool like that.


After medicine, I turn the television to something kid-friendly so that I can whip up some breakfast in the kitchen. We eat together and then we do a little bit of homeschooling and playing before it is time for lunch.

At lunch, I usually make something with beans, noodles, or soup - sometimes I even mix all three just to see what happens. I've been pleasantly surprised with my own cooking lately, but that could just be because I've been adding lots of garlic and chopped onions to everything. I'm currently under the impression that garlic and onions make everything taste better. Agree?

After lunch, we snuggle up and read books and watch some more television. It depends on what I'm trying to get Danger to do. If I have the t.v. on, she will take a nap. Although it is rare that I can get a good, long nap out of her, I do cherish those days where she will sleep for a good two hours. Even if it is on my lap and I cannot move for fear of waking her up and ending my solitude. Even if the remote is just out of reach and the t.v. is stuck on something super annoying.

When naptime is over, I try to do some cleaning around the house. This usually consists of handwashing our dishes and doing a load or two of laundry. If I'm feeling super generous, I'll even try to declutter the living room a bit. But really - it's just going to get messed up again, so most days, I don't even try.

Throughout our day, my daughter and I hold very interesting and important conversations. Example:

Danger: Mommy, your hair is black. 

Me: No, it's brown, but I can see how you would think it's black. It is dark. 

Danger: My hair's blonde. Pretty? 

Me: Yes, baby. Your blonde hair is sooo pretty! Can I have some of your hair? 

Danger: NO! It's mine hair! 

Me: I'm not going to take your hair, baby. 

Danger: I'm not a baby anymore! I a GIRL! 

Me: I know you're a girl. But you'll always be my baby. 

Danger: NO! I not a baby! I a GIRL! 

Me: Ok, ok. You're a girl. Wanna play with me? 

Like I said, super important conversations. What did you do yesterday?