Oh, Allergies

I am spending some much-needed time with my daughter today as I recover from an allergic reaction to ingesting coconut oil. Yes, I am very allergic to coconuts (as is my daughter). I've noticed that coconut by-products have been finding their way into almost every.single.thing on the store shelves as of late, and I am starting to get very discouraged. It's really not fun to have allergies.

In addition to the coconut, my daughter and I are both severely allergic to cats. Most of our friends and family members have indoor cats, which means that we are unable to spend as much quality time with our loved ones as we'd like to.

Visiting with friends and eating ice cream have become dangerous activities. As I was polishing off a pint of Ben & Jerry's Phish Food yesterday, this became very apparent. I'm still dealing with quite a bit of stomach discomfort and itchy skin due to the coconut oil that that otherwise innocent-looking carton of ice cream contained.

In short, allergies suck. And to be rather dramatic, I believe that allergies are ruining my life.

What are you allergic to?