What A Month!

I'm sure many of you have noticed that I have not posted much this month. Things have been pretty crazy. Besides passing around a stomach bug, we have had a houseguest, broken appliances (the AC and our dishwasher!) AND... our internet service is super spotty. I'd love to have a provider other than Comcast, but apparently, they are the only option that we have in my area of Atlanta. Sigh.

In all of this crazy madness, I've come to appreciate the things that I do have - a sweet nephew that I rarely see just spent a week with us; a husband that supports my shopping habits as a means to maintain my sanity; a toddler daughter that loves to learn and read with me; and the beauty of Stone Mountain, which we've hiked many times this past month. Yes, not having cable or internet makes a person do crazy things...

I'll be posting a book review this week and will have a very cool giveaway posted next week, so please stop back by. I am so thrilled that so many of you have been visiting my site, and I am hopeful that the chaos is all behind me so that I can continue to entertain :) What have you been up to this month?