Fit or Fat?

What does it mean to be "fit"? For me, fitness is not reflected by a certain number on a scale. It's so much more than that. I want to be able to chase my daughter around without collapsing, whether it is for fun or for her safety. I want to be able to lift my daughter up for big hugs, and roll around tickling her until we are both blue in the face.

I will even admit... I want to look good in photographs. I am tired of not having pictures of me with little Danger simply because I am unhappy with my physical appearance. For some reason, I think that if it's not recorded on film, then no one will remember the shape that I am in. That does not encourage me to become more active, however - it does the opposite.

My daughter and I go for walks, dance around the living room to Ke$ha's music, and occasionally pull out my favorite Pilates DVD. Exercise simply is not enough to get this body back into shape.

Diet plays a much bigger role in my physical appearance than I'd like to admit. I've found that just thinking about cutting down on calories and eating healthier foods brings on my bingeing tendencies (anyone have a box of Double Stuf Oreo's?!?)

So, moms... How do you combat unhealthy cravings while still having a satisfying diet? Is it possible to enjoy a healthy diet without feeling like you're missing out on something better? To be fit or to be fat... Which lifestyle is more fulfilling?