Flashback Friday

TGIF: that's all that I have to say about today! I've been sick and sleep deprived this week - totally unrelated to each other, unfortunately - and have been fairly absent from the world of social media. I'm starting to feel a lot better, and am excited about some things that are coming up on Classic Mommy.Β Next week, make sure you stop in often. I will be announcing TWO new giveaways. For now, let's get back to Flashback Friday. The picture above is a pretty good description of what life in my family is like. My sister took this picture at my parents' house. They have a huge fireplace with a nice, sturdy ledge that is perfect for 'driving' toy cars through or simply strutting on like a runway model. Since my kid loves: a) the color yellow, b) having her picture taken, and c) shoes, this photograph captured her personality pretty well.

Do you have a photograph that captures your child's personality / preferences fairly well? I'm also curious if all girls like shoes, or if my daughter's love of shoes is just coincidental to the stereotype. What are your thoughts?