Danger's Favorite Toy

I'm not sure what it is about Little People playsets, but my little Danger loves them. Her best friend gave her a camping set for her birthday, and she loves to make new scenes by mixing other pieces with it. It's very amusing to see what she comes up with. For instance, the girl cannot go camping without having the boy from another set present. When putting her three people into the horse trailer, she makes sure that the boy is driving. I don't know if her notion of gender roles is something that we've taught her through our actions, but she seems to be a pretty traditional kind of gal... and I am alright with that, so long as that doesn't mean that she doesn't feel comfortable going places alone or needs someone to drive for her.

Today, I am participating in Melissa from Adventuroo's Thursday meme:Β Capture The Everyday. If you have a moment, why don't you click on over and see what some of the other parents are saying. (Better yet, write your own post and link up on Adventuroo!) Take care, my friends.