Flashback Friday

There is one day a week that I get extremely emotional and reminiscent about my daughter. I have to look through all of her old pictures, from the very first images through ultrasound all the way to her second birthday gathering. It's almost as if I would forget all of the many moments that we've shared and the milestones that she's passed if only I stopped actively reminiscing. Strange, I'm sure, but I really do not want to forget one single thing.

Today's Flashback Friday post is simply a picture and memory of my little Danger playing with her Auntie PingPing's toys. (In case you're wondering, these plush dolls are called Groovy Girls dolls - she loves them!) Danger was about nine or ten months old here, and she was using a Christmas tree box to help her stand and walk around while she played with the dolls. We looked everywhere for a particular Groovy Girl doll as a present from her Great Grandma C., and Danger was so excited to get one of her very own for Christmas that year.

Do you ever feel like reminiscing about your child, even if he/she is still a baby? What kinds of things do you do to keep the memory alive? (Please tell me I'm not the only one! I'm starting to feel crazy here!)