A Very Proud Mama

Of all the things that your child does on a daily basis, what makes you the most proud? For me, it's the occasions that I do not have to change a diaper because my daughter has led me to the potty in sufficient time. We have a love-hate relationship with potty training in my household. My daughter was fully potty-trained before she turned 18 months old. This all changed when we moved into our new home, and ever since, it's been war.

I'm mostly to blame for the fact that my daughter does indeed still wear diapers. I just have not been as enthusiastic about potty training lately, and my lack of enthusiasm combined with various illnesses over the past few months has really been discouraging.

My daughter just turned two years old at the beginning of the month, and after realizing that she is now a little person - and so not a baby anymore :( - I am trying to get back on track with age-appropriate habits. Potty-training and ending the sleep sharing situation are both on the top of my to-do list.

I'm here today asking you for some advice. What can I do to get my daughter to poop in the potty? She absolutely freaks out if I try to put her on when she needs to go, and if I pick her up mid-poop to put her on, she'll just hold it in. As I don't believe that this is healthy for her little digestive system, I let her finish and plan on putting her on the potty in time in the future.

Do you have any tips that you can share with me and the other readers of Classic Mommy? It would be very much appreciated! I am willing to try {almost} anything! I am very proud of my little girl and her willingness to use the potty for urination - and the fact that she knows not to pee in her panties - but if we could go one day without getting poop on the sofa or my clothes, I would be on cloud nine.